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American Imperialism

cuban rebels moved to new orleans to escape cuba and

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Unformatted text preview: fight though • Treaty of paris- spain gives upo cuba, Puerto rico, sells phillipines for 20 million dollars- but spain didn’t own the phill- prob: phils saw this as war for independence- Emilio adenado- had declared phill independence • War in phils demonstrated racial heirachiy and how it motivated imperialism- soldiers and officers compared phills to blacks and thought they were unfit for self rule- • 1917- Us granted phills democratic legislature- but us controlled phils till 1942 • cuba- the platt amend- kept us control over aspects of cuba- Cuban leaders had to give right of us to intervene and keep naval outposts (guatanomo bay) • TR- prez when mckinly assas- TR amplified us objections- wanted panama canal- imported workers – Cubans, Jamaicans etc- and trying to get us virgin islands- • Roosevelt corollary to Monroe doct- us rights to intervene in latin America- speak soflty and carry a biug stic- wants aggressive role in handling the Us in the west atmosphere • Not everyone liked imperialism- most American policy makers supported expansionism- wanted us to expand into new markets but doesn’t have to be necessarily imperialism • Most prominent critcs were democrats or populists- William Jennings bryon- the dem nominee for prez 3 times- supported removing the gold standard- great orator- leading anti- imperialist- how could us not care about domestic govs- Don’t want to bring non- whites into us- bryan-...
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