American Imperialism

And officers compared phills to blacks and thought

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Unformatted text preview: ace local, indigenous autonomy facilitates markets and new jobs Span Amer war • fought in cuba and phillipines • revolution in cuba 1895- Cuban rebels want to break free from span rule- we see a parallel between us and them because of the enlgish • black legend- Spaniards were the worst conquerors- a way to justify English colonization and demean the Spaniards and their decadent Catholicism • spain perpetuates the worst colonial abuses and we need to give Cubans help • the us papers are writing intense (Pulitzer and hearst) stories and exaggerated stories about war- they begin to taunt us policy makers to go to war- is us brave, strong, wise enough to save cuba • uss maine explodes I Havana harbor- 256 soldeirs are killed- remember the maine- • cong declared war • TR- war imp because spain controlled guam, Philip, cuba etc • Most of this war fought in phillipines- only lasted about 5 days- april 1898- admiral Dewey- but ongoing guerilla war for years • Cuba- fighting lasts 3 weeks- only 10 US sailors died- uss maine might have been an accident • TR creates rough riders- held daily rodeos to entertain press- on long island • Huge PR outfit- TR comes off as war hero- even though he really does fight • Most blacks...
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