American Imperialism

Manliness we need to demonstrate our superiority need

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Unformatted text preview: seaworthy naval ships TR- assist. Sec of navy- said this country needs a war c. Missions- wasp elite Harvard educated- stack state department- group that is interested in more missions first in west then in world china- opens up to xtan missionaries- middle and upper class single women with college degrees do this- most other occupations are closed to them- these women wanted more than motherhood- protestants- demand us gov pay attention to other affairs boxer rebellion- in china- demand us military help- to protect work of their missions d. moral righteousness of whiteness- 1890s- mass immigrations immigrants have lots of kids compared to upperclass white women whose birthrate is falling Tr says that us is indanger of commiting race suicide- whites cannot compete birthrate wise with others The whites are too refined- they read books, etc not reinventing American ideals in us- Tr does this Tr buys west ranch- ameican manhood reborn- but west closed- now what Creates rough riders to take to amer- mex war and in Indian wars Racial hierarchies and white superiority- Henry Cabot Lodge- anglo saxans are superior than others e. manliness – we need to demonstrate our superiority- need to take out the savages- Arguments: 1. spread anglo saxan around world 2. anglo saxan have obligation to train others of American ideals this relies on hierarchy- ex. Hawaii- an independent queen is replaced by Sanford Dole- American markets repl...
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