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American Imperialism

Military we want places for our new robust navy

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Unformatted text preview: obal competition- we are trying to compete with nations who have vast resources because they have so many colonies albert beveriege- says that we are raising more than we can consume- we must find new work, new markets, manufacturers etc Rockefeller oil, Carnegie steel- aggressively selling over seas0 the earliest truly global companies is singer sewing machines- almost every household in us has one- most desired good – have booklets in 54 languages- 15 factories around world 1898- 80% of us market still domestic- but Us now realizes Europe is exapaning its world market and us must keep up- new tariff that punishes countries that try to close to US goods- there is also a close connection between the expansion of amer bus and the interests of the state departm b. military- we want places for our new robust navy- connected to militant patriotism- so we expand globally for out new navy or de we make a powerful navy to expand? increasing patriotism by 1890s us is trying to bnd up civil war wounds- try to abandon the goals of reconstruct- union and confederate soldiers are holding unions together- kids recite pledge in school- belief in us superiority- create world class anvy- moving beyond fear of powerful standing military- - only had 25...
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