American Imperialism

Probs low prices middlemen colored farmers alliance

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Unformatted text preview: oppose colonization- we are not a monarchy and cannot partake in this – it’s the work of the devil- it is ungodly to engage in this- • Gompers- concerned with Chinese immigrants to come to us and work- smuggle into us- they are the first illegal immigrants- the phills will facilitate this Conlusion: in 1890 when miss rewrote const to create jim crow laws- found justification for voting in non- white colonies- the stronger race is free to impose will on peoples on other side of globe- why not at home too?- Cuban rebels moved to new Orleans to escape cuba and helped anti- segregation laws Carter Glass (1858- 1946) lead drive to new const best friend to Hoover rabid white sepremesist said negro suffrage was horrible said the unlawful but nec. To save us from balck suffrage- we are morphing the morality of us ballot box stuffing, lynching architect of new financial system and of the jim crow laws such as pay poll taxes- and grandfather clause (cw soldiers exempted) Prior to war- state of virgi had enormous dept building roads etc- should the state pay the dept?? out of state capitalists want the depts. Paid oldtime virg family with a lot of money would want the depts. Paid too William Mahone battle fo the crater counterattacked union troops and massacred them bigtime war hero- he really hates oligarchy that runs virg he envisions a south full of rr and factories and high- tech farms- wants t...
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