American Imperialism

Proclaimed they would protect them there were

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Unformatted text preview: , but restrict who comes into US • Us has this isolationist tradition- since amer rev- WAshingtons’ neutrality and the Monroe doctrine by adams and Monroe have reigned- this isolationism defined by keeping out of European wars • Wash warned against permanent alliances- and try to not get tangled in empire which they were so violenetly fighting against in the revolution • Monroe Doctrine- pledged US would stay out of American probs- but proclaimed they would protect them • There were precedents for Us to not stay- US Mex war- mex forced to cede half of territory to Us- from • 1798- 1895 us involved in 100+ interventions • before 1890- us had no colonies and territories (with exception of Alsaksa) where all part of Us continent • by 1910- us had cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam , and process of getting Philippines, and a ew interest in East Asia- • what motivates the shift- 5 M’s a. markets- always expanding- until 19890’s markets had always worked on domestic- but major depressions in 1890s because we are producing more than we can consume- starting to be a gl...
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