American Imperialism

To recruit someone ot start a black school hire him

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Unformatted text preview: o bea s economically successful as north part of group of people that coneived these ideas rural discontent- the dept issue sucks- he reaches out to balck famers (he is a dem) and realizes he needs to reach out to black voters- at end of reconst he wins senate and gets control of state repeal poll tax, allow blacks to serve on juries, abolish whipping post William Cameron saw class based movement- people of social order, not race come together to form bonds his view of society is him, white at the top afraid that his standing will be done with • Rural South only five towns with big pop (10,000+) in mountains of apalachia- after cw both for freed slaves and poor white famrers, sharecropping becomes most imp in th south sharecropping was horrible though- ended up more miserable Late 19th cent overproduction too much land too many people going out west move for corp consolidation rr expand and consolidate farmers facing huge probs- low prices, middlemen colored farmers alliance- 1886- organized farmers in south and in 1890 had 1.2 millino people mas organizations in south and west huge famrers alliance in Kansas and neb farmers alliance failed- couldn’t compete with rr- but did make a political conscience started political party called the peop...
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