1920’s Era of contradictions

Enoguht to have leaisure or homo or not desireable

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Unformatted text preview: c movie star scenarios- • Sanger- birth control • Divorce and marriage rose • Married younger- rise in prosperity • Speakeasy, jazz cubs- heterosexual social groups all over- if you were a young woman, you would only associate with women before- chaperones • Cars allowed dates- rise of youth- fun, fast • But if you weren’t wealthy enoguht to have leaisure, or homo, or not desireable- then you were isolated more than before • Women said they would clean up politics- but women tended to vote like the men in your life- the women voters were nothing to fear- they were just added percentages Urban • Census- maj of amers live in cities for the first time- radical shift • But also a deep backlash against this- rise of nativism, racism, immig rest, KKK • Great migration of AA from south to north- Detroit, Chicago- to be a part of new opportunities- • Segregated- > integrated in the north- now, blacks don’t have to be submissive to northern whites • • • • • • • • Rise of black business- Now had a large market with the increase of north AA- modern, class diverse, AA society- suppo...
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