Civil Rights Movement

Grassroots used by new right in 70s and 80s tension

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Unformatted text preview: past- roots in marcus gravy and abolitionists efforts in 1840s and 1850s Mlk turning towards economic citizenship • Shaped LBJ war on poverty • MLK began to reconginze that econoimic and social citizenship is needed • After Voting Rights Act in 1965- he turns to socioeconomic issues • He moves into a slum tenement in Chicago- he turns to not just blacks but latinos and whites as well • Whites don’t like that he is moving to the north- they are fine with hearing from Walter Cronkite- they don’t want to link poverty and racism- this is threatening • This is now about economics- he calls for an economic bill of rights • Gets involved with sanitation worker strike- • Many people didn’t like the idea that MLK was involved in class warfare- • Height of cold war- height of Cuban missile crisis- and escalated war in Vietnam- labor movement seen as communists • MLK investigated by FBI- assas in Memphis when supporting striking RR workers • Assas happens when he turns to economic policy- threatened urban white north and southerners the most • mid sixties a time of incredible optimism- many people thrilled to see integration and civil rights- not yet aware of increasing involvement in Vietnam • in spite of JFK assas- this is a moment when Americans believe that gov can improve problems etc • LBJ- great society- with impkementate social programs- prex kennedy legacy mixed • Died before he could do anything- wanted to alleviate poverty- Appalachia- many members of the kennedy family did things about the poor- also influenced by a sots in which he wrote about the 20% of amers living in poverty- who had been forgotten because of the hgue economic increases and middle class growth • • • • Lbj- war on poverty- • Poverty when hand in hand with CR • LBJ wanted community action program- fed funded org in poor communities to encourage poors to org for their rights- empowers citizens to fight against this though- fight against the gov that is giving them funds • Created medicare and Medicaid- ccreated fed funding for education- had orgi been local created dept of housing and urban development • Central urban life- and suburbanization • Dept of transportation nea and neh • Fed funded public housing • Environmental...
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