Civil Rights Movement

Rob kennedy announced law that the federal government

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Unformatted text preview: • Moved to NY from N Carolina Became head of NY NACCP- tried to desegregate NY schools Helped actualize a transition from a top down strategy to a more grassroots strategy • By late 50’s moved back to south and worked for SCLC for voter registration- worked with and for MLK • Became unhappy with SCLC’s tendency at male leadership- massive publicity for all male blacks- she felt that it wasn’t appropriate but also not effective- if you cant organize people on grassroots, you wont be able to change things- TOP DOWN MODEL DOES NOT WORK – ends up leaving SCLC Greensboro sit- ins- black college students in a moderate city- joined by white women- decided to have impromptu sit- in – Jesse Jackson joins • Create movement in 100+ cities across the south • Easy to do it, peaceful- stick together • It was peaceful- exercise non- violence • Way to white college students • Grassroots Freedom rides 1961 • Integrated group- all ages, arrive in DC • Was not civil disobedience- technically you are breaking the law but in order to show how stupid the law is • But technically, interstate buses were supposed to be integrated- mobs attacked them in Alabama- fire bombed, stoned etc • Forcing Kennedy to act- he didn’t do anything really- didn’t want to alienate white southern democrats – Robert Kennedy attorney general more interested • Worked out law that the riders would be arrested at a local level • Prompted huge rallies in support of the riders • Received support of wide variety of AA organizations • 300+ riders arrested- half white- 1/3 female- most college students- Rob Kennedy announced law that the federal government was going to enforce desegregation in bus terminals- they succeed in getting Kennedy administration to take a stand top down approach • didn’t work • Ella baker avoided the spot light- didn’t believe in one charismatic leader • Albany Georgia- 1962 big campaign by SCLC allied with SNCC- worked with people on protests, discrimination etc • Worked with local folks- MLK gathered a lot of press there- this is after the freedom rides- feds want to compromise etc- MLK declares victory and leaves- the city immediately turns back • This is the first time it didn’t work- Montgomery had 13 months of work- this was a tiny time- SNCC blamed SCLC for not doing a grassroots project • White power structure relieved to not engage nonviolence that involved violence- arrested protestors but robbed the activists of the publicity that they need to...
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