Civil Rights Movement

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Unformatted text preview: was tiny- but large impact • `67- 2% of students part of sds- students for dem socity- 13% called themselves radicals • large percentage of young people in the US- 1 in 2 college aged students was in college • nam protests biggest- • many students afraid to protest- • more and more prtest war- LBJ doesn’t run for reelection in 1968 • there were also pro- vietnam riots • LBJ’s deifning characteristic- was Vietnam- but he knew that if he didn’t support the war, cong wouldn’t allow him to have his great society • People said lbj was purposefully leading the us public away form knowledge about nam- • That had a deep pshc impact on LBJ- he was aware of what he was doing- because we have access to his journals- his wife discussed the depression that he suffered- he knew the war was unwinnable- he knew men were being sent to their deaths • More thatn 71% of amers polled that sending troops to nam was a mistake- Vietnam • Us as a world stage- JFK and LBJ were asking what is us role of citizens of the world during cold war • What is nations responsibility to cold war in 60s • Jfk didn’t have to address the question of what obligations does citizeship entail for Americans • Does it mean dying for your country- dying for your country’s ideals? Are they the same? • JFK sent 3000 cia and advisors to Vietnam at first- did so for containment • And domino theory- prevent one country from falling • Scared that comm. Un n. Vietnam would have this effect • Jfk sends them during bay of pigs failure- fails early on – he had inhereited this plan under Eisenhower- • JFK successfully handled Cuban missle crisis in `62 • Summer `69- cuba place missiles within the 90 mile range- in retaliation for us missiles in turkey • Cia monitored with u2 spy planes- • Cuba is not trying to hide these- us announce blockade of soviet ships – JFK pulls missiles from turkey and ussr did the same • Stunning success about JFK- propelled him to go frewrad with Vietnam- • Cuba and Vietnam revolution were not uncommon- received sympathetic from ussr and us • All small nations of Africa etc that sued to be colonies begin simultaneous decolonization andindependence efforts • Right wing dictators vs. lib • 1958 - 50+ gueralla wars going on – • some of these countries tried to be neutral in a cold war- but belief of either with or against us= us would want you if you were strategically located • Nicaragua- deep colonial ties to...
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