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Civil Rights Movement

Bombing cambodia for more than a year w kent state nat

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Unformatted text preview: us- • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • When the us tried to make allies wih these places- thought us was hypocritical bc of race problems- bad rep- Dollar diplomacy- buying loyalty from various kinds of aid= Marshall plan over 90% of foreign aid went to 3rd world countries- Imp decolonizing context- imp- Nam part fo indo- china rueld by france- nam has been invaded by Chinese, French, Japanese and then US Under French colonial control since 1867 French had repressive imperial gov- Created bitterness and nationalism Ho chi mingh- joingd comms in 20s and 30s- called himself Vietnams george wahsington- very educated His org created the dem rupub of nam- it gave them control of what is now Vietnam So north led by ho chi ming and a south Vietnam headed by Ngo Din Diem Diem- dicatotr that JFK has to have alliences with The fall of china to communists had made the us very sensisitve about Vietnam- didn’t want to lose any others- Org the nat lib front- the viet cong- this was not the north vs the south- internal battles- these fueled the terror of us soldiers about not being ableto tell who is viet cong and who isn’t- Jfk accepts domino theory and that us should keep comm. Out of Vietnam Johnson went to a full blown expanision into Nam Johnson did this in spite of wha the said he would do in the 69 election Johnson kept all of JFKs advisors LBJ- poor, texas- sensitive to and about poverty- he saw the vientamese as poor people- genuine concern to hel them- large and intimidating...
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