Civil Rights Movement

Classes welfare progreams marches focus on voter

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Unformatted text preview: get these things to last • • • • • • • • • • • • Bull Connor- Birmingham- not the same- the most segregated city in the US- police chief was violent, racist, wiling to go to any measure- dogs, firehouses, Billy clubs etc- Wanted to take on this- Code C (confrontation)- this violence helped them on the news- Importance of using young people- high school students- because a lot of people find that high school students are daring and make good volunteers MLK went to jail in Birmingham- Battle for public opinion on national scale Deal worker out in May- Kennedy announced support for CR act- Spring of ‘63 August of ’63 march on DC- where MLK speech – also John Lewis expressed skepticism and thought CR bill didn’t do enough- but he was quickly squelched- because don’t want to jeopardize Kennedy’s new ties Showed unity in competing organizations and people from all walks of life, both black and white Fleeting though- because bombs Then November ’63- JFK assassinated • • JFK Assassinated • Brought fear and terror • Scared what LBJ the white southern democrat would do- he championed the CR act of ’64 though • LBJ was given a huge, bad rap- particular perspective- Vietnam generation- • LBJ championed this law- very impressive- same as 1955- but 1964- no discrimination in public- nail in coffin of Jim Crow- the wide spread system, the de facto and de jure discrimination came to an end in this- 0 no more separate facilities, no denying service anymore- • Such a sensitivity that these places are listed in the law- because these places meant so much- the federal muscle would back this- one of the most important pieces of legislation- forbade discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin • Sex- was a sneaky move that became very powerful- because women were not given a lot of rights and they were not known that much • People thought it was funny • Prez johson signed in july 1964 MS freedom Summer • A thousand white college students many women- org in MS- most dangerous and klan infested state • Local black people work and live with white students- poor sharecropping blacks housed white middle class students • Worked well though- • First white people they had ever encountered who were nice- first whites to call them mr/mrs • These new patterns of respecet were also uncomfortable for both Worked at freedom schools- teach citizenship classes- welfare progreams- marches- focus on voter registration • Faced a ton of violence...
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