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Civil Rights Movement

Inferior brandeis wrote a case about women work hours

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Unformatted text preview: rty to a white woman- her husband and other men abducted and killed him- his mom made a decision to not go quietly- funeral in open casket to show his mutilated body- black media shows his mutilated body- forced national stage to see this- you cannot ignore this anymore • men tried- but acquitted • revealed the violence- and what was at stake • took place in the midst of the Montgomery boy boycott and also the brown v board of education- overruled Plessy sep but equal – all this happened in the 50’s • Thurgood Marshall- on brown v board case- black third grader- the case was clever in having multiple cases- border south • use work of Kenneth Clark- psychologist- used study of kids that wanted to play with white dolls not black dolls and that this segregation made them feel inferior • Brandeis wrote a case about women work hours • ruled that segregated schools were inherently unequal- but said schools should desegregate with all deliberate speed • desegregation crisis • little Rock 9- desegregation for a high school- Eisenhower was from a border state- so knew this- but opposed segregating the army- Eisenhower forced to send out troops to the high school • demonstrated that if fed government had the will- things could be enforced Rosa Parks • strategy of direct action- • important test case- • reflects the transition from conservative goals to a broader action • at first wanted a one day boycott of bus- but decide that it was so successful that they wanted more- better treatment for passengers, hire black drivers- proposed a back to front seating policy where the blacks would slowly move backward- but soon, they wanted the whole thing • direct action of really well organized boycott- grass roots- organized carpools, walking • charismatic leadership of MLK- • legal strategy that they were challenging the Montgomery bus law’s • lasted 13 months- won in the court- nearly bankrupted the bus- seen as huge success • demonstrated imp for the future • showed that AA serious about change0 • proved that blacks were not satisfied with segregation- brought MLK into national focus • SCLC- elected MLK as head- group of S. black ministers- whit northern and southern allies (Jews)- education, leadership, voting- find local movements that they can help along- very top down hierarchy- black ministers most prominent Ella Baker • NAACP activist • Became director in SCLC • Most important woman in American history that you’ve never heard of • Granddaughter of slaves...
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