Civil Rights Movement

Lib 1958 50 gueralla wars going on some of these

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Unformatted text preview: protection acts- created job corps for jobs for inner city youths- headstart and legal services for the poor- Miranda rights and right for an attorney • Had mixed legacy- lifted people out of poverty- job corps- helped food- food stamps, welfare, school lunch progs- improved housing (but many houses were poorly made- ) • Elderly got a lot- medicare transformed lives- poverty rate for olders fell 40% to 16% 0 success in the lives of the elderly and the very young • This prog was not all successful • Addressed to urban not rural poverty • Didn’t address feminization of poor- poor households headed by women- no help for them- poor men had no assistance either- welfare benefits were very strict tot the point of being detrimental • LBJ’s biggest prob- liberals were the people that supported him for dom progs- but he was alienating them from Vietnam war • MLK outspoken for opp to Vietnam war- people did not want to see him speak out- he saw the war as a cr issue • Split in `65 – mixed race activism led to black power- north race riots now region issues- fems grew dissilussioned experienced sexism- now, they were no longer equals or expected to have sex in order to get involved- • Had been a storng relat with white left and black movement- internal tension- What makes a social movement • Social media can start movements because it starts at a grassroots movement- social media is a more passive way- but not a social movement • Org by church- more hierarchial system- strong ties are developed • Strength- was from the youth movement- the idealized, energized, beautiful youth • You were already in church- premade organization already- need to find something- is social media our new ready made network? • Grassroots used by new right in 70s and 80s • Tension between grassroots and hierarchy- once the “name” came in- changed things and left then killed the movements- didn’t do enough footwork- local flavor- • Masculine leaders- Student movements • Free speech movement at berkely- white, left, lib movement • Protested at lack of free speech rights- rep the generational thigns • 700 stdent arrested • transformed campuses across the us that created free speech movements • hundreds of protests on college campuses- Vietnam war- chemical riots- antivietnam demonstrations- • curricular refrms, campaigns for more financial aid- get rid of paternalism • get rid of single sex dorms, curfews, chaperones, allowing controversial speakers on campus • percentage of radcials...
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