Civil Rights Movement

That mlk was involved in class warfare height of cold

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Unformatted text preview: - only able to reg 1200 new voters- many murders etc • More than a htousand arrested • Black churches burned- many beaten • New relationships- white and black- the biggest taboo that was transcended was interracial sex- these were young college students- living and working- sharing homes- they had sex- was totally illegal before- rep the ultimate taboo- caused tension in resentment- between AA women and white women- Fannie lou hamer • Grew up as a sharecropper • Was part of ms freedom dem party- went to dem convention- in MS in 1964- symbol movement- we will come even if we are not able to vote • LBJ wanted to stamp down this- pressured the MFDP to accept two at large delegates- send two delegates of their own but not replace the whoel delegation- they didn’t want to negotiate- • Uneducated woman- upstaged him- televised- people saw this- her speech at the convention- Voting rights act 1965 • championed by LBJ and MLK- still very active • outlaws any law based ofrm of voter disc- no jim crow- grandfather. Literacy • oulaws voter imitation- this wsa the loop hole initially • set up fed oversight when there were problems- • even though voting is run by local officials- can send feds to oversee it • culm of political rights phase • according to 15th medn- AA already had these rights- blacks Southerners got mreo- last great thing freedom summer • turning point of the movemtn • groups began to form • riots- la, race riot- `68 assas MLK- more riots • showed the problems of poeverty that voting couldn’t fix • three divisions post 65 • growth black power movement • a turn towards economic empowerment • feminism- came out of this as well • the agony and strain of freedom summer- showed debate over nonviolence- • violence and non were always strained • snic changes- from interracial, youth effort to pursue the beloved community- stockley Carmichael decides to dispel white- black power instead- self defense etc • Malcolm x- broke from nation of islam- came to power- in the north- raise in detriot- assas in 1965 • Black panther- 66 in Oakland ca- carried guns wore military- scared whites- monitored police respoinses- masculine, militarist- ran breakfast for kids and community health clinics • This phase of CR drove away a lot fo white suuport- evident that change did not come fast enough- a realization that northern cities are just as segregated as the soth- rep a deep economic divide of whites and blacks • Black nat went further into the...
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