Early 1970’s

1963 but had no power betty friedan the feminine

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Unformatted text preview: ights- poltical and legal citizens- but did they really have full citizenship rights • If women were a class- women made 63 cents for every dollar a man did- never drafted, never jury duty, some professions- legal to openly discriminate against her in a job environment- jobs for women vs jobs for men advertising in newspapers • Equal pay act- 1963- but had no power • Betty friedan- the feminine mystique- 1963- the problem that has no name- the housewives are bored and dissatisfied with life- all middle class or upper class women, all well educated- but she really touched a nerve- • Civil rights act- sex was in there as well- onserv senator put it in ther bc thought no one would vote for it if it had sex in there, but also if we are going to have equality for AA men, then we should give it to women as well- NOW • Nat org for women- org like early civil rights movements- wanted to equality- like colleges admit on equal basis- remove barriers- to enforce the civil rights act against employment disc Is equality enough? Political, economic, social (be allowed to join a golf club), al...
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