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Early 1970’s

20 ish men also his top advisors vietnam and watergate

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Unformatted text preview: detante- loosening tensions- opens china- his whole public persona had been built onardent anti- comm- this opened china with us- the us had no diplomatic recognition of china- he realized it was his impeccable reputation of anticomm that gave him the opportunity to negot with Russia over arms limitations and to go to china and open up relations with china Feb 72- Nixon and wife go to china- Also responsible for overthrow of allende- a dem gove 1972- reelected by a landslide 60%- but months before this election, five men broke into Watergate- there to repair a bug they had installed earlier- known as the plumbers- their job was to fix leaks- worked for the CREEP- committee to elect president- arrested them nix resigns- only prez- shows a long pattern of corruption Bernstein – famous investigative journalists- Woodward met deepthroat- a guy named mark felt- a dept director of FBI- found widespread law breaking and dirty trick- accepting illegal campaign contributions, smear campaigns etc • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nixon attempt to silence nam critics using fbi and cia- using irs to...
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