Early 1970’s

And pro capitalism paradoxically cr movement in full

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Unformatted text preview: west- end of plain wars and homestead act- nation is the white man’s country- • 1890s- new imperialism, worst depression until the G depression- new phase in democracy- doctrines of racial superiority infused all political action- how cld this country take over others- the superiority of white men to all others- balance democracy in the US was superior to all other nations and that white men were fit and just to rule undemocractically over poor, nonwhite nations///rise of jim crow and plessy v ferguson- opening of mass immigration from questionable races- eastern southern europenas- jews and itlas- economic depressio- very widespread (can democ survive divisions between rich and poor of guilded age) what is equality, opportunity etc- if class or racial war- how could democracy work- newly industrializing world improved- ppl tryin to help the city, destroy the city and help others- machine politicians- saw indiv opportunities- prog reformers- thought political machines corrupted the political process- others argued it helped immigs and trained them from citizenship- immigs had the rights to get rewards of citizenship- ackn...
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