Early 1970’s

Boycott transform american auto industry us couldnt

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Unformatted text preview: owldege that immigs could play important role in society- • TR- fearful of new immig- excited of 20th cent reform- secco and venzetti • Prog- 1900- 1920- concerns about the fitness of citizens for citizenship- combined with perfecting society- triangle fire- rep the dangerous conditions- showed fundamental optimisim that they couldfind reform solution for most vulvnerable people- womens suffrage- argused for vote on rights, then argued bc women more important than men and brought something new and important- reform movement- city dwellers said these restricted their rights- dilemna of democ vs efficiency- esp in south- white reformes accepted restric of black vote as a way to clean up politics- triangle fire prompted a good change • WWI- amer democ on the global stage- Wilson- we eneterd the war to make the world afe for democ- Wilson seg the administration as well though- rolled back civil liberties (alien sedition) begrudginly accepted women’s rights • 1920- racially diversive (most)- expansion of consumer culture- and art and expression like jazz- politics- return of normalcy- Americans happy, but us slammed quotas of immi...
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