Early 1970’s

Committee to elect president arrested them nix

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Unformatted text preview: d busing which was the way people dealt with race relations- used this to deseg, caused rioting etc- he hated busing- but had to enforce them- tried to get cong to end it- did not succeed- the percentage of AA kids in seg schools went from 2/3 to less than 1 in 10 Nixon on AA- affirm action expanded- this reflects his own beliefs in racial equality- had a more lib record than JFK on race relations Nixon on welfare: battled with cong to cut back on Johnson job corps but supported food stamp program- also supported a gov program that would replace welfare with a guaranteed min income on all families- rather than having a complicated bureac- rather, if fall below a certain line, you get money from the gov- sounds a lot like som- seems surprising- conserv defense: gets rid of complicated bureac, makes it simple- also a stimulus, but too controversial and faild- but shows how diff political perspect could be Nixon and environment: EPA created, signed clean air act, created OCEA- protects rights of workers, created consumer safety, labor protections not assoc with repubs usually Nixon on foreign:...
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