Early 1970’s

Heros saw appeal as a leader one of the american

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Unformatted text preview: gs that had been fleeing poverty- sacco and venzetti denied trial- prompted a worldwide protest- • 1930 new deal- new challenges- new deal: time of tremendous optimism- tragedy but also opportunity- new hope about leadership- loved FDR- passage of social sec act- cornerstone of citizenship in the US- new rights and benefits handed out in diff ways- • WWII- four freedoms- idea that created contradiction that proved tremendously powerful- war as a fight for freedom opened up possibility to fight for freedom at home- women reversed gender prob in workplace- rosie riveter- the war began a trend that escalated of wmen joining workforce- war left the nation as most powerful- propelled a middle calss- • Cold war- crushing any kind of dissent- limiting view of citizenship- freedom defined as anti comm. And pro capitalism- paradoxically- CR movement in full swing- prallels of civil rights acts- mass freedom movement in many ways successful- war on poverty rep an expansion of Johnson in ideas about economic and social citizenship- • Nixon- Watergate- cynicism and retreat from 60s ideals- disgust of public life- 1970s to 80s and 90s • By 80s half of women worked • Mothers worked- they wanted to work, exited to have own careers- now it is possible- • Larger context of changing nat economy since 1970s • Consumer revolution- consumer culture-...
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