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Early 1970’s

Quickly by 30 states but need 38 to become ratified

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Unformatted text preview: l male bus clubs, should society change way operates in order to welcome women, do all women want these things? • Women liberations- want to transform the roles of men and women vs feminine political activists- they wanted to change the whole society • Consciousness raising groups- they thought about the things in their lives that were sexist- the point is to say that it isn’t just a problem, it’s a social problem that is so widespread- “the personal is political” • Womens health movement, fathers in delivery room, gender stereotyping in toys • Men get paternity leaves- right to equal parenthood • Saw culmination in pass of equal rights amend in 1972 and • Roe v wade • Equal rights movemtn- ratified quickly by 30 states but need 38 to become ratified- not a long list – straightforward- orinigally had widespread support in both parties- part of repub and dem platforms since 1940s- not until 1980 that removed from repub platform- • Stop ERA campaign- said it would take away rights of religious women- the right to be full time mothers- devalued traditional views- • Pointed out that the E...
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