Early 1970’s

Restric of black vote as a way to clean up politics

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Unformatted text preview: t prez disillusionment- this demonstrated by the drop in voters- even the 18- 21 year olds that were added 1980- 52.6% of eligible people vote- widespread disgust increased when ford pardoned Nixon- everyone else in Watergate went to jail this sweep of Americans into the middle class in the 60s and 70s what Richard Nixon left behind- notion of 2 kinds of Americans- the silent majority, middle class, middle America, suburban that now call themselves people of faith that feel condescended to by aliens etc- other side- liberals, cosmopolitians, they see shouting as a higher forma of patriotism to media characterizes the debate of division- division has become so entrenched in us- we have Nixon to blame for this 4/29/11 ideas of who counts as an American concept of citizenship defined by race, equality, law • reconst- all people struggled over what citizenship meant- results: 14 and 15 amend- citi forAA men but not women- this resulted in conflict • second CR- CR movement- •...
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