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Early 1970’s

Superior to all other nations and that white men were

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Unformatted text preview: punish critics- this is very frightening in a civilian dem gov- using the intense power of this gov to spy on own citizens and retaliate is scary- Nix- insecure, sspicious, conspiracies- thought people were out to get him- Announced his didn’t know about ti- announced top officials resigning- commissioned Archibald cox to investigate- but congressional invstigations reveal Nixon knew about Watergate breakin before it happened- vp, spiro t agnew resigned bc took bribes- this is how ford became vp Found out Nixon taping his office conversations Nixon refused to turn over tapes- nix refused and then fired cox- Saturday night massacre- fired a whole bunch of aides fired- created a huge backlash- attorney general Mitchell resigns- ‘74 cong starts impeachment hearings- nix hands over tapes but edits them himself- included expletive deleted accounts- in what he released- he did include remarks that allude to the tapes- one tape revealed that he discussed using the CIA to tamper the FBI investigation he resigned – 20 ish men also, his top advisors- Vietnam and Watergate will never let the public forget abou...
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