Early 1970’s

This covered it major transformation in culture and

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Unformatted text preview: RA would make women eligible for the draft- huge problem- bc supporters opposed to a draft- so the • Roe v wade- women have right to privacy, therefore have right to have abortion before fetus is viable- but now intense debate with rise of technology- physisians thought this would give them power- in this process it became a womens rights issue- basedon idea of protection of privacy • Became bigger issue after 73- said they were shocked by the ruling, thought it was unthinkable that supreme court would pass it- this created rse of new right ad moral majority and xtan conserves with Reagan who opposed it • Pro life v pro choice- if look at backgrounds of individuals their views make sense- a lot of pro life were relig, less money, less education and had family sacrifices, stay at home mothers of large families- that is what made their life good- they hated to make motherhood voluntary- the pro choice sere older, professionals, older- Title 9 • Female athletes- anti disc in all of education- sports and education (cr act doesn’t apply to school) so this covered it- major transformation in cul...
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