Clients forced attempts to strip new immigrants of

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Unformatted text preview: ull House- settlement hosue workers also need the job as much as the people that they help- there was a necessity of young men and women searching for a purpose in life- interest in pub service- prog movements: child service reform, conservation movement, clean milk campaign, woman suffrage, public education, campaign finance reform, public utility regulation, reg of food and drugs, rr reg, municipal ownership of utilities, temperance, social work, anti- prost and anti- porn, birth control, election reform negatively: coercive social control of welfare clients, forced attempts to strip new immigrants of their culture, voter disenfranchisement in the name of clean gov, segregation in south as form of efficiency, prohibition, eugenics prog- obsessed with efficiency- gov is NOT efficient Regional Progressivism: Populism: o We have this idea that rural amer is conserv o Short movement but the greatest moment of democratic possibility in US o Development from grange to farmers alliance- grew into populist party o Both economic and social concerns o Pops wanted silver- bc godl standard unfavorable to them- bc prices of were stable o Farmers wanted inflation- b could buy land and seell things when prices are good o Productiviety in amer agric are soaring- like mccromick reaper, new machinery which dramatically increased product o Cotton only in the south- everyone growing the same thing and more on it and they cant contro when they put things out on the market- don’t have a place to store things while wait for higher prices- o Want gv to buy silver- bc think it will be mild inflationary preventer o Wanted tangible moeney that means something- scared by limitless currency handled by the fed reserve and regulated etc o Going off the godl standard was very scary and intimidating to others though o Pop lost to mckinley- pops say we loved AFL- want working class people...
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