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Crisis immigrants were urbanizing this and creating

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Unformatted text preview: to ally- want farmers and factory workers to have common class interests- urban workers scared going off gold standard would kill their jobs- ethnic divisions too- indust workplace was east Europe jews, itals, slavs, etc and these guys don’t like it- these workers scared of the fundamentalist Xtans, rural Us, antisemetic, antibanking interests etc- there was a cultural conflict- o William Jennings Browning- Midwest, prot, fund culture and he didn’t even want this- so the pops failed to start working class movement o Failed at creating multiracial movement o By 1900- most challenges to capitalism is contained- one in 1886 when workers picketing for 8 hour day- lead to haymarket massacre- this moment of possibility- enry george writing something to get rid of landlords- by 20 th cent- over o Pops taken over by dems- new tide of immig change rural agriculture- upper Midwest and upper west o AA moving north to cities to get indust work o Middle and upepr class citizens are org their own movements to deal with immigs in cities o Idea that Us was rapidly urbanizing was a crisis- immigrants were urbanizing this and creating cities- ppl don’t like it SO PROGRESSIVISM .. imspired by new social science, both hope and fear, perfectionism fear of new immigrants can these new amers be good citizens? Do they cae, do they know what democ means, are they under influence of feudalism, they aren’t independent citizens TR- speech in milwake- continues to give speech- full of germen immigs- when runnig for prez- says prog are trying to get people wo tstand for elementary rights Prog reform fundamentally conserv This is reform not radicalism Set of reform movements, even the radicals who participated in this, do so by offereing up something that ppl can agree on- like 8 hour day- knights of lab predom supporters of this- they are more radical thatn AFl...
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