Voting minority views overshadowed hard to get a city

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Unformatted text preview: - they want to see small producer- this is how they gain people Florence Kelly supreme court in 20th cent would never support 8 hour law for men and women- labor reformers want to see protective labor leg for all workers- they know the supreme court would never approve a law like that- those people decide to only get it for women and kids say women are less capable, the mothers of future amers and this is detrimental to the future of us- arg that women are different balance between dem vs efficiency • Economic: Anti Trust Legislation larger corps are dangerous to the country states had passed laws to reg rr- but Supreme court said that only ded gov cld reg rr- interstate commerce ast- 1887- creates model of group that oversees an industry- this isn’t very effective though bc no inspection powers- ppl have to bring suit to them Sherman anti- trust act- 1890- more direct attack on monopoli...
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