Reconstruction 1863

Aa 2 carptebggers white n to gain by reforming the

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Unformatted text preview: Radicals- wanted 16th to get women the vote Nonradicals like stone and fred douglas- this hour belongs to negro Drew millions of women in to political life Meaning of Freedom: 4 million slaves freed desire for independence- struggle to est economic, political, cultural autonomy- 2 mvp’s 1. FAMILY 2. CHURCH • show by leaving home – but many returned soon after to work – don’t want to leave family etc • many moved to city- for schools, churches, frats • family ties strengthened • Freedman’s Bureau - designated man as household head and est lower wages for women and said wives should submit to husbands , wives have to work at home to care for kids and house • Changes to gender roled- men could do more- like vote, serve on juries, hold office Schools and Churches • most important creation of separation • pooled money to buy land and build • fully controlled their churches – Baptist or mathodist • rapid spread of schools- want to improve- still 90% illiterate • bureau called them wayside schools • funding for education from American missionary association (ama) labor: • some found rr, mining, ranching jobs or agriculture- whites tried to keep them there black codes:cant do certain jobs share cropping/tenant farming: contracted by whites – preferred to gang labor bc family can set own rules • never really got autonomy politics: • wanted to be included not separated- mostly occurred in union occupied places • first Reconstruction Act – encouraged political activiyty- registered voters through union army • formed core or republican party • whites thought this was dangerous- never had there been a two party system in the south – need fed troops to protect • southern repubs: 1. AA 2. Carptebggers (white n to gain by reforming the unprogressive south- introduce yankee isnts like free labour and public schools – also freedman’s bureau agents who investied in cotton- weel educated/middle class 3. Scalawags ( n born repubs to regain political power) • repubs and new const- est orphanages , state funded education , rights for AA • faced continual crisis of legitimacy • segregation became norm – AA often agreed bc feared they would get funding taken away • segregation in RR cars- no land • repubs envisioned north capitalist development- factories, large towns, - couldn’t find north and eurpoean investments Democrats • refused to acknowledge repub rights •...
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