Reconstruction 1863

Dems conserv rebups s unionists committed to white

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Unformatted text preview: eau- cong est- provide food, clothes, fuel- also in charge of supervising all abandoned lands • L assas- wanted a speedt restration- left Johnson at odds with REpub cong Johnson and Reconstruction • Dem, former slave owner- championed yeomen farmers and ahted white elite- only southerner to remain loyal to union- L made him in charge of TN military reconstruction • • • At first- said he wanted to punish south- appealed to rad repubs- but then pretty much did what L had said- pardoned like everyone- while cong was out of session He wanted to make a coalition of n. Dems, conserv Rebups, S. Unionists Committed to white supremacy- opposed freedman rights- sympathy for fellow white farmers, black bias, determination to control reconst Radical Repubs and Free Labour • Ideal of society based on free labour • Once free labor, universal education, and equal rights in south, it would rival N’s material wealth, progress, social mobility- eliminate “large estates, widely scattered settlements, wasteful agriculture, popular ignorance, social degradation, contempt for honest labor • Develop small farms, thrifty tillage, free schools, social independence, flourishing manufacturers, art, respect for honest labor, equality of political rights • Believed power of central gov is key • Thaddeus Stevens- proposal to confiscate 400 mill acres belonging to wealthiest 10% and redist to black and yeomen farmers • Pissed at black codes to keep slave status- workers couldn’t leave jobs, vagrancy punishable by law. Kids have to work, some couldn’t own land, • Cong pissed- repubs denied southern congressman from sitting- est Committee on Recons • Passed Civil Rights bill 1866- gave full citizenship to AA- overturned dred scott decision and black cods- rights to contract, sue buy protperty etc • Spread Freedman’s- run schools, bring suits against whites- • Johnson vetoed both of...
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