Reconstruction 1863

Grant very pop even though lost a lot of lives esp

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Unformatted text preview: these bills bc he said nat power couldn’t protect AA bc of centalization and concentrating power into fed gov • Johnson’s hatred united all repubs now into getting him out • 14th- fearful that CR act would be declared unconst- so passed this- slaves are citizens- said s. states have to ratify in order to get back in • Rad repubs portrayed Johnson sand n. Dems as disloyal- started “waving the red flag” aka to remind n voters of the death toll of the war Congressional Reconstruction and Impeachment • Cong united vs Johnson- • First Reconstruction Act- 1867- divided S into 5 military districts0 states also have to draft new const, guarantee AA rights, ratify 14th • Tenure of office act- cong passed laws to limit J’s power- prez cant fire an officeholder until senate approved a successor- congress could protect repubs • Johnson hired grant firing Stanton- mod and rad repubs impeached him- but mod repubs feared what Wade (senatorial pro temp) would do- J agreed to abide by cong’s rules • Set precendent for only being impeached by actually doing smehting wrong, not just political disargreements Election of 1868 REpubs: grant very pop even though lost a lot of lives esp when he broke with Johnson at this time, the south was being forced to integrate slaves while the north was rejecting a campaign of black suffrage - KKK- Tn social club, murdered b/w repubs to stop them from voting - b voted for grant though support repubs 15th amend- right to vote not on race color or servitude cong required remaining states not in the union to tartify this and the 14th Woman Suffrage: Cady Stanton/susan b Anthony- inspired and freusterated by 14/15 bc long involved with slavery issue American Equal Rights Assos founded- with lucy stone too- lobbied to remove racial/sexual restrictions...
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