Reconstruction New North Industrialization

results in modern accounting out of rrs need of way

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Unformatted text preview: to become meaningful • - American Federation of Labor- helped by knights demise • skilled white laborers • found in 1886 • fine with wage labor- • takes skilled workers • no women, unskilled, blacks etc • samual gompers is leader • in support of 8 hour day- but focused on bus unionism- willing to work with bus- not int in radical reform- just want collective bargaining bc accepts power of bus and knows have to play to that • 1865- 1900 • repubs dom nation • - create a nation condusive to economic development • - use rr grants, create nat banking system, so easy for indust capital to raise money, high import tariffs to protect US domestic products • - not laissez faire- bc not free market- bc we have high tariffs to artificially keep our markets high • - results in modern accounting out of rr’s need of way to track money- this wa...
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