Reconstruction New North Industrialization

1900 23 of amer dependent on wages to make a living

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Unformatted text preview: s blueprint for indust capitalism • - see this in standard oil, Carnegie steel etc- • - horizontal congregation- when try to dominate whole market horizontally- Rockefeller for standard oil- he bought out smaller oil companies- he would go into their market and drive his prices down until they couldn’t compete and where forced to sell to him- a very aggressive act- domination • - ppl had no protections against these huge companies • - vertical integration- andrew Carnegie steel company- control product at every point- eliminating middle man • - 1893- 1897- worst repression since great depression- this sucked for workers- no economic cushion at all- • - workers had no cushion: no fed or state funded welfare, no retirement, no unemployment insurance, no min wage (most effective for women- say they need to be taken care of) no healcare, no workers comp, no pub...
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