Reconstruction New North Industrialization

Bc irish hate chinese bc took their jobs protested

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Unformatted text preview: d labor- started 1869 in philly among tailors (skilled)- terence powderly runs it- wanted temperance, education for working people, envisions abolition of wage system- instead of earning wages, workers own company- so want som- there are 15,000 chapters and about a million members by 1877 – willing to organize across class, gender, ethnicity, skill and some racial lines- 10% are women- organize interesting market (cowboys, mex amer landowners in new mex, blacks, immigrants, irish) NO Chinese (bc irish hate Chinese bc took their jobs) • protested wage labor- • willing to take on practical issues • becomes proponents for 8 hour day • this was very popular among broad spectrum of workers • but after haymarket- this prospect ends increased very quickly and in 1886- they are desimated to nothing because of haymarkets • in 1890s ally with populists and cease...
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