Reconstruction New North Industrialization

Esp from germany who are politically radicalized

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Unformatted text preview: , class divisions, anarachists, rad republicans • - haymarket massacre- strike at mccormick factory- anarchists and leftist organized a rally there- someone sets off bomb- people die and 7 police officers- very well publicized bc most ppl are immigrants esp from germany who are politically radicalized- anarchists thought it was police- the city sought revenge- tried 8 men and put them to death- albert parsons hanged • - the funeral procession was bigger than abe Lincolns funeral • - lucy parsons went on speaking tours avenging his death • - this radicalized many people- big bill Hayward- reads about haymarket square- spurs him to become a labor organizer and a radical • - haymarket- killed hope of a unionized country- and an eight hour day • - knights of labor- >first national union- radical view- basically sot- non exclusive- allowed skilled and unskille...
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