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Reconstruction III

Desire for land and easterners demand for a peace

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Unformatted text preview: old them they couldn’t live in a place where the solciers said they could- men attacked cheyanne Indians while the men were on a hunting trip- the men, children an elderly were raped and murdered by drunk white soldiers- this came to national attention- there was an unresolved conflict – nationally people were appalled- col john chivington- leader of the war- • showed violence and desire for land and easterners demand for a peace policy- • Grant new prez- set out for a Peace Policy • Gen Howard- war hero and disabled veteran- first head of freedmans bureau- represents problems of trying to remake Indians • Force policy- Dept of war- want a force policy to force Indians- general Sherman(repub) has ties to reconst- wants a powerful central gov- he believes in total war- destroyed the south- head of us army at this time and he treats Indians horribly • Peace policy- dept of interior- and missionaries- howard represents- and grant too- diff missionary groups are assigned to oversee Indian reservation- quakers etc all oversee- he is also a huge black educator- he is very deeply religious- wanted to reform Indians religiously • 1872- sent to work on agreement w/ chiracahuas (Cochise was their chief) bc they were reaiding nearby settlements- he gave them a res...
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