Reconstruction III

Soiux warriors he only had 60 men and he only had 200

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Unformatted text preview: es it because designed for small fam farms not vast plantations- it is a manifestation of man as own boss- each independent source of wealth- south hated free labour that it would create Rr- take homesteaders- rr grants and homestead sucks up vast amount of land- we built rr to nowhere- rr created cities This is another pressure on native amers Economic and environmental changes and affected white people- Indians lost more alnd through treaties than warfare • Plains Indians Last Stand Increasing technological superiority- guns etc Destruction of buffalo was harder though- the buffalo were all over the US- there were tons of heards- whites shot buffalo from rr cars for fun and left them to rot- buff were the only income for Indians and all their food, their clothes, shelter, tools In five years, the buffalo population had gone from 13 million to literally just 200 The us gov- said it as the stupidity of the animals Battle of Little Bighorn- 1876- has to do with alnd and precious metals- Custer heard about a gold rush in black hills but told everyone- there was a gold rush in land that belongs to Soiux- Custer lost- atypical that us army lost- he is so confident that he divides them into two- 4000 soiux warriors- he only had 60 men and he only had 200- none of them survive See public favor against Indians- this shows that peace policy doenst work- Indians are dangerous- therefore, now we need to achieve complete surrender Throughout 1880- a couple of tribes still evade us forces- they had a long, hard run Gironomo- he is with 36 men women and children going across us and mex...
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