Reconstruction III

View a widely popular effort loved by the gov widely

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Unformatted text preview: ervation and they choose their own agent- this policy was great and he • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • used integrity and bravery- but only lasted 4 years- at first looked good, but then people say he was too easy • some critics saw the proponents of peace as naïve and stupid leaders • chief joseph- “I will fight no longer forever”- he was chased down by Howard- the proposed proponent of peace- he had been an aly of US peace- bc it was his tribe that had savd lewis and clark- Nez Perce Indians- Howard couldn’t make a peaceful resolution- surrendered sadly West Every single fight btwn Indians and white were initiated by land or mining Spreading rr- with it: people and market goods Want to define gov’s role in western expansion Homestead Act- 1862- rep north free labour view- a widely popular effort (loved by the gov) widely praised- not very effective but still loved it- talked about since 1840 but couldn’t get out of cong bs south hates it- takes the Indian lands in the west (want to get money and populate west and have vision of fam farms) you file a claim- choose a 160 acre parcel (quarter section)- you agree to live on it for 5 years and develop it- you pay $18 in fees which is a lot- but the south hat...
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