Keynesian Revolution

union members grew wagner act 1935 opened door to

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Unformatted text preview: a year to build a ship- Kaiser had gotten it down to 56 days- revolutionized- became legendary- • great example of how amer bus profited from gov spending- • workforce grew as well – women!- union members grew • wagner act 1935- opened door to union drives esp in war indust- uniuon membership grew from ten to 15 million people • wages went up 27% • major unions pledged to not have strikes- but still there were many- many were small- they did not stop famr productivity during the war • georgraphical mobility- huge- 15 million moved- 20% of pop- move from country to city- and a massive shift to the sunbelt • downsize- overcrowding, bad housing, racial conflict, • rise of consumer spending- • very little opposition to the war- major war propaganda- fireside chats • showed americansin positive light, as they wanted to believe that they were • emph democracy, scientific, baseball, apple pie, patrio...
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