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Keynesian Revolution

Of the victory dark side that the propaganda was not

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Unformatted text preview: tism four freedoms: • a lot of isolationists and pacifists- charles lindhberg • freedom of worsip and freedom of speech • freedom of want- to be able to have what you need • freedom from fear- freedom to not have constant threat- freedom from fascism/naziism/totalitarism • economic freedom- defenses of American values • this gives people a powerful platform to fight for these rights- • some groups found that the war wasn’t good at all- Japanese • ira hayes- showed the underside of the victory- dark side that the propaganda was not willing to embrace- • still tons of prejudice- aa av family income 1/3 less than whites- 2xs more economic problems- joined military – but hugely prejudiced • red cross0 isolate black and white blood- • black man dies fighting yellow man for white man • WEB du Bois- this is a war for ratial equality • Fdr needed to get us in the war- undermined the rights o...
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