Chem E2a-Lecture 6-Annotated-2013

Another example is a triuoromethanesulfonate usually

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Unformatted text preview: te: O TsCl = Cl OH S CH3 OTs O pyridine = N •  A tosylate is an excellent leaving group! Another example is a trifluoromethanesulfonate, usually just called a triflate: 4 Reading: Section 7.4f Making Alcohols Leave: Part 3, Con:nued - Reac:ons of Sulfonates •  For each of the following reactions, predict the product and indicate stereochemistry: OH NaI TsCl pyr NaBr NaCl 5 Reading: Section 7.4f Predict the product(s) of the following reaction: OH 1. TsCl, pyr 2. KOtBu, tBuOH A.  a B.  b 55% C.  c Cl 18% 16% 9% Both (A) and (B) ) nd (C ) Bo th (A ) a nd (B c Bo th (A ) a b Both (A) and (C) E.  1% a D.  Making Alcohols Leave: Part 4 - Using SOCl2 and PBr3 •  Provide complete curved-arrow mechanisms for the following reactions: SOCl2 OH Cl pyridine O O H O S Cl P Br 3 OH S O Cl Br Br H P O Br 6 Reading: Section...
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