Chem E2a-Lecture 3-Annotated-2013 - ChemE2aLecture3 Chapters34 How can we assign names to alkenes General rules 1 The root hydrocarbon name ends in ene

Chem E2a-Lecture 3-Annotated-2013 - ChemE2aLecture3...

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Nomenclature of Alkenes How can we assign names to alkenes? Reading : Sections 3.3–3.4 General rules 1. The root hydrocarbon name ends in – ene rather than – ane . 2. The principal chain is defined as the carbon chain containing the greatest number of double bonds, even if this is not the longest chain. 3. The position of the double bond, not the position of the substituent, determines the numbering of the chain. However, the position of the double bond is cited in the name after the name of the alkyl group. Stereoisomers : compounds which differ in the way their constituent atoms are arranged in space. 1
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