Lecture 3 - Nervous System

Res4ng poten4al polarized neuron 2 depolariza4on

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Unformatted text preview: tenance of res4ng poten4al? •  Na+/K+ channels pumps pushed 3 Na+ ions out of the cell for every 2 K+ ions moved inside the cell (using ATP) •  The K+ ­selec4ve leak channels keep the nega4ve membrane poten4al at res4ng poten4al (passive transport) •  Nega4ve charged molecules (e.g. proteins) inside the cell 15 Changing res4ng poten4al •  As cell res4ng poten4al is nega4ve, we say that cell is polarized •  Cells can be hyperpolarized (more nega4ve) or depolarized (less nega4ve or more posi4ve) •  Opening of addi4onal ion ­selec4ve channels causes the cell to change its res4ng poten4al 16 Gated ion cannels •  Ion leak channels – passive transport •  Voltage ­gated channels – –  open in response to a voltage change •  Chemically (ligand) ­gated channels – depend on the presence (or absence) of a chemical •  Mechanically gated channels 17 Firing of ac4on poten4al 1.  Res4ng poten4al (polarized neuron) 2.  Depolariza4on threshold (increase of 15 mV from res4ng poten4al) – membrane poten4al less nega4ve (or more posi4ve) 3.  4.  5.  6.  –  Opening of few Na+ or Ca2+ ­ selec4ve channels Increase of ac4on poten4al –  Opening of Na+ ­voltage ­gated channel Decrease of ac4on poten4al –  Closure of Na+ ­voltage ­gated channels (at +40 mV) –  Opening of K+ ­voltage ­gated channels Hyperpolariza4on (undershoot) –  Delay in closure of K+ ­voltage ­gated channels Res4ng poten4al –  Closure of K+ ­voltage ­gated channels and ac4on of Na+/K+ pump restores the res4ng poten4al 18 Step – 1 Res4ng poten4al Step 1: Res4ng poten4al 1 1 Voltage ­gated Voltage ­gated Na+ channels K+ channels CLOSED CLOSED Cytosol 19 Step – 2 Depolariza4on threshold Step  ­ 3 Increase in membrane poten4al Depolariza4on threshold : Step 2: Opening of few Na+ ­ or Ca2+ ­selec4ve channels Step 3: Opening Na+ ­voltage gated channels 3 2 1 Voltage ­gated Voltage ­gated Na+ channels K+ channels OPEN CLOSED Cytosol 20 Step – 4 Decrease in membrane poten4al 4 Step 4: Decrease of ac4on poten4al Closure of Na+ ­voltage ­gated...
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