Lecture 3 - Nervous System

Weak s4muli will produce a severe contrac4on of gill

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Unformatted text preview: memory –  Days, months, years… •  The H.M. case – hippocampus (and medial temporal lobe) removed to cure severe epilepsy 45 HM Pa4ent •  HM suffered epilepsy caused by scar 4ssue in the brain due to a bicycle accident when he was 7 •  Epilepsy was controlled un4l he was 23 •  William Beecher Scoville (neurosurgeon) removed part of the scarred 4ssue located in the temporal lobes •  Aser surgery, his epilepsy was cured but he suffered from severe cause of amnesia 46 HM Pa4ent •  Brenda Milner studied his case of amnesia •  He remembered everything that happened prior the opera4on Long ­term memory then is stored in a different place of the brain •  He was able to remember the names and people as long as it was repeated to him Short ­term memory is stored somewhere else •  What he lacked was the conversion from short ­term memory into long ­term memory –  Don’t remember ea4ng, mee4ng new people, name, places, or anything aser the surgery 47 HM Pa4ent •  H.M. could not turn new short ­term memory and convert it into long ­term memory –  But was that true for all kinds of memory? •  He could learn motor tasks (mirror drawing stars) 48 HM Pa4ent •  Can unconsciously learn motor skills: Cannot remember a person who he just met, but can learn how to play piano •  He will not remember learning these skills but had the capacity to learn them 49 Types of long ­term memory •  Explicit (conscious recall, declara4ve memory) –  Facts and events (people, places and objects) –  Medial temporal lobe and hippocampus •  Implicit (unconscious recall) –  Once mastered, they become unconscious –  Motor and perceptual skills (riding a bicycle) –  Amygdala, Cerebellum and reflex pathways •  A lot of the explicit memory moves to implicit memory on...
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