Lecture 3 - Nervous System

That happened prior the opera4on longterm memory then

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Unformatted text preview: learn, what we remember… this is what makes us who we are. How the brain develops the capacity of metacogni4on (learning)? 38 Memory and learning Learning: Acquiring new informa4on about the world Memory is the ability to keep that informa4on •  Systems problem: Where in the brain is memory stored? –  Can any mental process be localized in the brain? •  Molecular problem: What are the mechanisms whereby storage occurs at each site? (molecular mechanisms) 39 Memory at the systems level •  Can mental processes be associated with specific areas in the brain? •  Broca and Wernicke studied stroke pa4ents who developed very specific language disorders (Aphasia) –  Broca’s pa4ents had problems with the expression of language (producing sounds) –  Wernicke’s pa4ents had problems with the understanding of language (recognizing words) 40 Brain and Language Broca’s pa4ent Wernicke’ pa4ent 41 Regions of the brain and mental processes –  Brocca’s area is important for motor’s aspects of language •  Vocaliza4on – Wernicke’s area brings the informa4on of language (understanding of language) Can memory storage be localized to a specific region in the brain? 42 Regions of the brain and mental processes •  Scien4sts are able to iden4fy specific areas in the brain with mental processes 43 •  Where is memory stored? Where is memory localized? •  Penfield (neurosurgeon) –  S4mulate parts of the brain •  Pa4ents had brain epilepsy caused by brain injury –  S4mula4ng certain regions can bring back vivid memories (sounds, music, smells, etc.) –  Localized memory to the hippocampus 44 Memory •  Short ­term memory –  10 to 15 minutes •  Long ­term...
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