Lecture 5 - Motor Mechanism

48 types of muscle bers and training prolonged

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Unformatted text preview: t bind to ac4n Binds to ac4n 41 •  BREAK! Types of Muscle fibers •  Oxida4ve fibers   Contain numerous mitochondria and have a high capacity for oxida4ve phosphoryla4on (red appearance)   Well supplied with blood vessels   Contain oxygen ­binding protein myoglobin   Highly resistant to fa4gue   Prolonged produc4on of ATP as long as oxygen available   Increased number in muscles of legs and arms of long ­distance 43 runners, swimmers and cyclists Types of Muscle fibers •  Glycoly4c fibers –  Few mitochondria but a high concentra4on of glycoly4c enzymes and large stores of glycogen –  Fewer blood vessels and lijle or no myoglobin (white muscle) –  Can develop maximal tension rapidly but fa4gue rapidly –  Increased in muscles of sprinters and weight liders 44 Types of Muscle fibers 1.  Slow ­oxida4ve fibers (Slow –twitch fibers) –  Low rates of myosin ATP hydrolysis but can make large amounts of ATP, good for prolonged ac4vity 2. Fast ­oxida4ve fibers (Fast ­twitch fibers) –  High myosin ac4vity and can make large amounts of ATP, par4cularly suited for rapid ac4ons 3. Fast ­glycoly4c fibers (Intermediate ­twitch fibers) –  High myosin ac4vity but cannot make as much ATP –  Can become more oxida4ve with endurance training and more glycoly4c with strength training 45 Types of Muscle fibers 46 Types of Muscle fibers and training •  Exercise –  The amount of fast ­ versus slow ­twitching muscle cells a person have depends on gene4c heritage •  A person born with a high propor4on of fast ­twitch fibers is unlikely to become a champion marathon runner –  Increased amounts of exercise can produce an increase in the size of muscle fibers and their capacity for ATP produc4on •  Increase in muscle size due to...
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