Lecture 5 - Motor Mechanism

16 no 8 57 muscle regenera4on instead of the rapid

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Unformatted text preview: increase in size of individual fibers 47 Types of Muscle fibers and training •  Prolonged Strength training –  Weight liding repe44on happens un4l muscle is fa4gued causing minor damage to the muscle (soreness) –  Induce produc4on of more ac4n and myosin filaments in muscle cells (bigger, stronger muscles) –  In extreme cases (higher muscle damage) it would induce produc4on of more muscle cells NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!! 48 Types of Muscle fibers and training •  Prolonged exercise training –  Aerobics enhances muscle oxida4ve capacity –  Increase the number of mitochondria in the muscle and density of capillaries –  Increase number of myoglobin 49 Types of Muscle fibers and training •  High al4tude and training –  Lower oxygen at higher al4tude –  Body adjusts to increase number of mitochondria –  Training at high al4tude therefore increases muscle endurance 50 Training ethics •  Blood doping – the use of illicit products and methods in order to increase the O2 transport of the body to the muscles –  Blood transfusions –  Erythropoie4n (EPO) – control red blood cells produc4on •  Lance Armstrong won the Tour of France 7 consecu4ve 4mes –  Was disqualified for doping offense •  You can get the same stamina if you train in a high al4tude region 51 Skeletal muscle gene4cs •  Ac4va4on of PPAR ­γ Produces “Marathon Mice” –  Discovered one way in which ra4os of oxida4ve and glycoly4c fibers change in skeletal muscle –  Ac4va4on of PPAR ­γ results in expression of genes that enable cells to more efficiently burn fat •  Started as research in obesity preven4on –  Created transgenic mice expressing PPAR ­γ in skeletal muscle –  Transgenics gained less w...
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