Lecture 4 - Sensory Mechanisms-Updated

Transmission of the energy of its movements to

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Unformatted text preview: bend and the stereocilia within it to 6lt to one side •  The 6l6ng ac6on creates a signal that travels to the brain to tell it the movement and posi6on of your head 14 Mechanorecep6on and audi6on •  Audi6on –  Ability to detect and interpret sound waves –  Short wavelength have high frequency and it is perceived as high pitch or tone –  Long wavelength have lower frequency and it is perceived as a lower pitch –  Hairs of different length detect different frequencies 15 Mechanorecep6on and audi6on •  Anatomy of human ear 16 Mechanorecep6on and audi6on •  Sound vibra6ons received by the outer ear are transmiied by the eardrum and amplified by the three bones in the middle ear. •  Transmission of the energy of its movements to vibra6ons of the oval window of the cochlea •  Vibra6ons of the oval window cause fluid pressure waves in the cochleal fluid in both canals at nearly the same 6me •  Specialized hair cells in the cochlea contains stereocilia supported by the basilar membrane 17 Mechanorecep6on a...
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