Lecture 4 - Sensory Mechanisms-Updated

And some amphibians 11 mechanorecep6on hair cells how

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Unformatted text preview: fy muscle cells •  Whenever the muscle is stretched, the stretch receptor stretches as well sending an ac6on poten6al •  The CNS uses this informa6on to adjust the strength of the muscle contrac6on to match the load put on the muscle 10 Mechanorecep6on –Hair cells •  Hair cells –  Specialized epithelial cells –  Ion channels open or close when cilia bend, which causes changes in the membrane poten6al –  Found in the ear and equilibrium organs, body surface of fish and some amphibians 11 Mechanorecep6on – Hair cells •  How do hair cells respond to s6muli? 12 Mechanorecep6on – Hair cells •  Hair cells, gravity and movement –  Lateral hairs in fish help it detect movement in its surroundings –  Gravity ­sensing organ’s statocyst provide informa6on to most invertebrates 13 Mechanorecep6on – Hair cells •  Provide informa6on of gravity and body orienta6on with respect to mo6on •  When the head moves, fluid inside the semicircular canal moves •  This mo6on causes the cupula to...
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